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This Ultimate bundle is what I offer and use for the 1-stick climbing method.  I also use it as a rappel method for multi stick climbing acting as a tether.  


- If 1-sticking and want to keep the 3-step aider organized , add the Aider roll up to the bundle

-If using as a rappel method for multi sticks and want the extra height, add extra 2-step or 3-step Climbing aiders per stick to the bundle.

- Want to up grade the rappel rope with a lighter option , choose the Yale woodland option. (pic above)


**Sticks and Platform not included**


bundle includes:


  •  S.G. LITE Saddle bundle in ATAC camo for Rappelling or 1-stick climbing ,Tether locker    included 
  •  Madrock Safe Guard for rappel rope 
  •  Wildcountry Ropeman1 for linemans rope (10.5mm)
  •  Bow hanger 
  •  One - 3 step Aider 
  •  Back strap 



" What I Use " Bundle for Rappelling or 1-stick Climbing - S.G.LITE

Excluding GST/HST |
  • All you need is your pant size. From there I make the saddle to your size, and add a bit of room to take into account late season clothing.

    You can also measure yourself. Take your measuring tape and start about an inch or so in front of your pant seam (hip area), few inches down from your belt. Then proceed over the upper part of your butt to the other side of your pant seam . Think of the measuring tape as the saddle material . You want each end to be in front of the pant seam. From that number I will add a few more inches for late season clothing, so don't be too generous.

  • Turn around time is anywhere from 3-10 day.  Most items are made to order.