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Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out at if you require further assistance.
  • How does sizing for the saddle work?
    All you need is your pant size. From there I make the saddle to your size, and add a bit of room to take into account late season clothing. You can also measure yourself. Take your measuring tape and start about an inch or so in front of your pant seam (hip area), few inches down from your belt. Then proceed over the top of your butt to the other side of your pant seam . Think of the measuring tape as the saddle material . You want each end to be in front of the pant seam. From that number I will add a few more inches for late season clothing, so don't be too generous.
  • How long does it take to make?
    All items are made to order with a few exceptions. Turnaround time can take anywhere from few days to two weeks based on stock, volume of orders, and time of the year. We always strive for a fast turnaround.
  • Forms of payment
    All credit cards are listed at check out e-transfer paypal
  • Where do you ship ? and terms .
    We ship within Canada and the U.S.A. For international orders outside North America , reach out for a shipping quote. **** We do not ship to P.O. Box. ****We are not responsible for additional shipping cost such as duties and brokerage fee's.
  • How much is shipping?
    $15 flat rate shipping on orders over $150 and FREE shipping on orders over $400 before tax across Canada . For US destination , rates posted at check out.
  • Where are the items made?
    All the items are made by me, in Canada with the exception of the rope packages and a few other items .
  • Can I pick up the items?
    Absolutely! We're located in downtown Toronto and can arrange for a pick up that's convenient.
  • What thickness of tree can I climb?
    We recommend around 10" thick to about a size you can wrap your arms around and grab both hands. Too thin and you run the risk of breaking the tree with the risk increasing on windier days. Too thick and you're carrying a lot on unnecessary rope. Climbing stick and platforms are designed for certain tree thickness, check with the company you get them from. Always make sure the tree is healthy.
  • Is saddle hunting safe?
    Saddle hunting provides a very safe system of hunting from an evaluated position. From the moment you leave the ground , you are connected to the tree from either the lineman's rope or the tether rope at all times . Always following the proper safety procedures involved in climbing.
  • How long can one sit in a saddle?
    All day. The saddle is expandable giving you a hammock feel to it. Add a back support and you might feel the desire to take a nap up there!
  • What if there are branches in the way? Can I climb past them?
    Yes you can. When you get to a branch, you would already have your lineman's rope around the tree. You would then take out your tether rope and tie It around the tree above the branch and to your saddle's bridge. Only then when you are locked in can you unhook the lineman's rope and reattach it to the tree above the branch.
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