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Paul Agostini

Paul Agostini

Owner / Manufacture of Stini Gear

Based in Toronto,Ont.

Hunter, Fisherman and outdoors enthusiast

Being a mobile hunter has opened a lot more opportunities to hunt on public and private land. Located in southern Ontario , I use my bow most of the time but when i get a chance to use my rifle, I will with the saddle.

David Hartlin

David Hartlin

Guide - East Coast

David has been a passionate Hunter for 30 years. Starting at the young age of 14 years old hunting waterfowl with his grandfather on the Tidal Waters of the eastern shore of Nova Scotia.
By the age of 16 he started hunting whitetail deer, harvesting his first buck.
Over nearly three decades since he's harvested some extraordinary animals including two Nova Scotia provincial record book whitetail deer.
He's also professional hunting and fishing guide both in the province of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, specializing in Atlantic salmon fishing and big game hunting.
David's been saddle hunting since 2021 and claims saddle hunting has nearly eliminated his fear of heights in a tree due to the extraordinary safety measures built into saddle hunting.
To learn more about David, his business, and past Adventures please visit his website and social media below and follow to see all the exciting things this guy has in store!




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