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David Hartlin

Guide - East Coast

David Hartlin

David Hartlin's Saddle Hunting Gear List

- S.G. Classic Rappel bundle with upgraded rope (ALL STINI GEAR)

- Right Side Roll Pouch - it holds the rappel rope and madrock

- Yale woodland rappel rope pagkage (upgrade)

- Tether locker   keeps the rope snug on the tree

- Left Side Roll pouch - can hold lineman's rope and locking device, gear daisy chain, bow hanger, prusik cords.

- Gear daisy chain. wraps around the tree above you to hold my bow and pack.

- Milkweed pouch. love this for checking the wind.

Add-ons -

  • Madrock safeguard (STINI GEAR ) - Needed for rappelling and locking device as a your tether on 35’ rappel rope

  • Wild country ropeman1 (STINI GEAR) for the 10.5mm rope - 10 ‘ rope , makes adjusting the lineman’s length a lot easier over the included prusik knot for the -  a lot nicer and convenient then the prusik knot.

  • Bow hanger (STINI GEAR )

  • Pull out bags (STINI GEAR -optional) I use this AWESOME Pull outs for absolutely everything from my hunting clothing, kill kit, possibles pouch

  • shower kit, camera gear, cook kit EVERYTHING! These are a must for hunting, fishing, camping or just day to day items you want to keep organized!

  • Back strap (STINI GEAR) - optional - nice add on for long sits (extra back support) and naps

  • Climbing aiders (STINI GEAR) mentioned below . the best way to add height to your climb and cut back on the amount, length and weight of climbing sticks, alo

  • though i only use them on long hikes into my location to cut the weight!

  • 35’ of Amsteel cord with the carabiner clips on both ends for pulling up your bow and lowering.

Two different styles I use for climbing are

  • #1 Multi-Stick

  • - Single platform with a single step attached below (Trophyline WingMan), modified with rope to attach to the tree and lighten up the carry weight!

  • -3 climbing sticks that are 30 “ each Modified with Rope Mods to attach to the tree to lighten up the carry weight.

  • #2 One Sticking

  •  - Same Platform,(Trophyline WingMan) I just added a 3 step aider. (STINI GEAR ) It is needed

  • - Aider roll up (STINI GEAR)to keep the aider organized (STINI GEAR)

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