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Paul Agostini

Owner / Manufacture of Stini Gear

Paul Agostini

I first started with the SG Classic multi stick bundle using a Ropeman1 and Kong Duck as locking devices for the both the lineman's and tether rope as an upgrade instead of the prusik loops/knots . It makes life so much easier to adjust the rope length. Then I switched over to the rappel bundle which elimates the 10' tether and one of the locking devices. Both climbing methods are mentioned below with a few changes between the two.

Here's a little check list of the items I use that get me up the tree to about 20’-25' while using 3 climbing sticks and aiders on each stick or when using the 1-stick method its around 30' or so , the length of the rappel rope after wrapped around the tree .

SG Classic Rappel bundle with upgraded rope (ALL STINI GEAR)

- Roll Pouch - it holds the rappel rope and madrock

- Yale woodland rappel rope pagkage (upgrade)

- Tether locker keeps the rope snug on the tree

- Dump pouch - can hold lineman's rope and locking device, gear daisy chain, bow hanger, prusik cords. For multi stick bundle it can hold the tether and 3 climbing aiders as well.

- Gear daisy chain. wraps around tree above you to hold bow and pack.

- Milkweed pouch. Best thing i use for checking the wind.

Add-ons -

  • Madrock safeguard (STINI GEAR ) - Needed for rappelling and locking device as a your tether on 35’ rappel rope

  • Wild country ropeman1 (STINI GEAR) for the 10.5mm rope - 10 ‘ rope , makes adjusting the lineman’s length alot easier over the included prusik knot for the - kong duck (STINI GEAR ) for the 9.5mm rope. - I did use this for the tether on the 10 foot rope - before changing over to the rappel setup , also nicer then the prusik knot.

  • Bow hanger (STINI GEAR )

  • Pull out bags (STINI GEAR -optional) i use a few of these in the backpack to keep my kill kit, game calls, scent waffers or snacks. Great way to keep things organized.

  • Back strap (STINI GEAR) - optional - nice add on for long sits (extra back support) and naps

  • Climbing aiders (STINI GEAR) mentioned below . the best way to add height to your climb and cut back on the amount, length and weight of climbing sticks.

  • S gate clips (LG 4 pack) and plastic carabiner for the gear daisy to hang you pack and other gear (Amazon)

  • 35’ of thin cord with the S gate clips on both ends for pulling up your bow and lowering , can get anywhere

  • gear tie or something to hang the climbing sticks off your saddle while climbing for the multi stick method (Amazon or DIY)

Two different styles I use for climbing are

  • #1 - cam over platform that has a full surface , say 12x12 or so. I like to be flat footed when doing things on the tree, setting up , going through my bag , but when hanging back to hunt I stand on the edge - 3 climbing sticks that are 20 “ each - Climbing Aiders (STINI GEAR) for each climbing stick. Helps getting higher up the tree with less weight. Adding 32 “ -48” more to the stick , I use a 3-Step Aider (STINI GEAR) on the first stick and a 2-Step Aider (STINI GEAR) on the next two sticks - I upgraded the cam straps and buckle included with sticks and platform to a thin 1/8” dyneema daisy chain (DIY) super light , super strong and makes attaching very easy

  • #2 - 1-stick climbing platform that cams over, 3 step aider (STINI GEAR ) needed. Aider roll up (STINI GEAR) to keep the aider organized (STINI GEAR)

    Some people like to use knee pads. I did and don't anymore . There might be a few items I missed but for the most part thats it. For sticks and platforms , there a lot of options out there. Consider your budget and most of all , the weight of the items. On long walks every bit of weight adds up. And budget does reflect this and quality at times. Keep that in mind.

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