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Package includes 


  • 35' of 9mm Yale Woodland with tight sewn eye on one end 
  • 10' of 10.5mm static rope 
  • 2 x (7mm) static cord 4' each for prusik knot 
  • 2 x locking carabiners 
  • 1 x quick link


*** The Flexi Ohm Tether Locker is recommended ***



The all new Yale Woodland is the perfect cord for a myriad of applications.  It's Technora/Vectran blended jacket offers excellent abrasion and heat resistance while the HMPE core provides lower stretch, lighter weight and holds less moisture compared to other ropes commonly used for saddle hunting. 

Yale Woodland Rope Package for Rappeling or 1-stick Climbing

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  • Turn around may be 3-7 days depending on the volume of orders.

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